2010-11-15 21:47:00 ET

The film about my grandfather's work was very interesting.
It went through the process of him designing a font, cutting it and casting it in lead.
It was weird hearing him again.
The filmmaker, while keeping the film fairly technical, managed to capture grandpa perfectly.
For those that were interested, keep an eye on the blog here: http://makingfacesfilm.blogspot.com/ because it will be on DVD hopefully by spring.

In other news, I caught a cold.
Gave it to The Rassedr, so we can suffer together.
We shall be a sad, sniffling, drippy mess.
There will likely be coughing.
Definitely some whining.

2010-11-16 02:45:32 ET

Down with Rassedr. Long live Warped Savant!!!

2010-11-16 05:25:09 ET

I never whine when I get sick!


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