2010-12-04 14:36:40 ET

My company Christmas End of Year Party is tonight.
We are expected to dress up (i.e. cocktail dresses and suits), so I decided to go rockabilly and wear a cherry print halter dress and make an attempt at a retro hairstyle. I was going to do victory rolls, but I was having too much trouble so I went for teased and curled instead.

This party is huge. There are 2,400 people going and there were over 500 (angry) people on the waitlist.
This one filled up so fast that if you didn't RSVP within 2 days of the invitations going out, you were out of luck.

2010-12-04 16:07:55 ET

ooh, you look so pretty! :)

2010-12-04 21:38:05 ET

thank you!

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