To boldly paint ...
2011-01-15 09:21:56 ET

One of my co-workers is a huge Trek nerd, and has asked me to repaint a Captain Kirk action figure for him.
He wants it to be 'evil Kirk' from the episode "The Enemy Within"
He lent me the DVD so I could reference it, because we couldn't find many good screen shots online.
It should be entertaining. He told me the basics of what he wants (dark under the eyes, scratches on cheek, sweaty), but told me to do whatever else I wanted, including stripping the whole head and repainting it from the primer on up, which I might just do, because the skin tone they chose for the figure is this awful orange shade.

2011-01-15 12:33:32 ET

Picard was a better captain. :D You do amazing work so I'm sure whatever you come up with will be amazing. Post pictures so we can see before and afters please!

2011-01-15 15:49:19 ET

I will post pictures - the before pictures may be a bit odd, because I've already taken his head and hands off so I could strip the paint. ^_^

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