To Boldly Paint ... part 2
2011-03-08 16:11:38 ET

I got asked to paint another Star Trek figure for my friend.
He can't stop gushing about the last one.

While we were talking he said "do you know anyone who makes doll clothes?"
I laughed and said "other than me?"

He said that wasn't quite the reply he was looking for, because he doesn't want to overload me with customization requests, but he's looking to make every version of Kirk that appeared throughout the original series.
There is one that is an android duplicate, and he's wearing a jumpsuit, so he would need something sewn (as it would be difficult to make it look right simply by painting)
Here is a shot of the suit - I think I could do it in action figure scale (considering the doll pictured below is about half the height of one of the current Star Trek action figures)
He said he'd hold off on asking me to do it though.

2011-03-08 17:24:06 ET

Talk about microscale. Keep us posted on the finished products. I like seeing them.

2011-03-08 17:39:36 ET

will do!
I think the next paintjob will either be a plain kirk repaint (apparently they like giving the action figures orange skin and nearly black hair) or a Legolas head that has had new hair sculpted on to make him a Vulcan instead of an Elf.

2011-03-08 23:51:21 ET

"Oh excuse me, you didn't realize I was awesome? Yup. I think I've seen that episode too."

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