2011-06-15 05:39:52 ET

It's been a little while, but that's okay, I have an excuse.
We bought a house.
It's kinda freaky - we're moving in on Saturday.

It's a lovely little two bedroom Victorian thing - built by a carpenter in 1892. The livingroom and diningroom not only have gorgeous wood paneling around the celing - the celing itself is carved hardwood.
Kitchen is modern and kinda ugly, but it's functional so we're all good (and we can change it later). Bedrooms are also kinda ugly - the walls are white, but the carpet is a dusty pink and the picture rail is a different clashing shade of pink ... it will have to go. Soon.

2011-06-15 05:58:46 ET

Buying a house is a rather no nonsense sort of deal.
Congrats. And have fun fixing it up.

2011-06-15 08:28:36 ET


2011-06-15 09:22:18 ET

That's awesome! Congrats! Where in the city is it?

2011-06-15 15:19:46 ET

Kristin -- It's in New West still. Right near Douglas College.

2011-06-15 21:16:26 ET

Oh nice! That's a lovely area :)

2011-06-16 05:17:39 ET

Yes, we're a block up from the elementary school there - it's in a little pocket neighbourhood of older houses.
So excited!

2011-06-16 15:52:21 ET


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