Why Hullo There ..
2011-07-09 14:52:36 ET

One of our new neighbours dropped by for a visit this afternoon ...

He wanted to come in very badly, but we went out and visited with him instead.

2011-07-09 15:02:42 ET

Ahhhhh! He's so dang cute! Does he like to be pet or just wanted noms?

2011-07-09 20:15:46 ET

He just kind of wanted in the house - when we were standing on the porch, he walked right past us and pulled at the edge of the screen door, trying to open it.
After a bit he started vamping, rolling around and bonking his head against our legs.
He was so tubby, I don't think he needed noms.

2011-08-29 17:57:30 ET

AW. kitty loves.

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