I am not familliar with this movie ...
2011-09-16 19:34:15 ET

So, friend who commissioned me to repaint Captain Kirk, asked me to do a couple more trek figures. I was arranging things with him today, and he asked if I sculpted, or knew anyone who did.
I told him I do a little bit once in a while and asked what he needed.

His friend is customizing a model kit to be the car from "Death Proof" and wants a very tiny duck for the hood ornament. (references here and here

So, I got home, and while Rass was watching a show I wasn't to interested in, I grabbed my milliput, a paperclip, my only sculpting tool, and ... poof!

(that's a nickel for size comparison)

I think he's actually a touch too big - the guy wants 3/8" which works out to 9.5mm, this one is about 11mm ... but when working with model kits, 1.5mm can make something look REALLY out of scale.

Just fired off the pictures to my friend 20 mins ago, we'll see what his friend thinks. I don't mind sculpting another one if I have to - it was a fun challenge.

2011-09-16 19:56:16 ET

That's awesome!

Also: you should totally watch Death Proof. It has a bit of a slow start, but is totally awesome for being a purposely made B movie with big name actors.

2011-09-17 12:01:04 ET

Holy crap that's great. At first I really lol'd that you used a Canadian nickel but then realized that you live there. :)

2011-09-17 12:21:37 ET

HAH! next time I should use some random European coin or a really old coin that will provide absolutely no size reference to those of us here in North America (at least Canadian coins are the same size as American coins).

The guy apparently loves it and is going to check the model kit to see if this one will work or if he needs me to make a smaller one.

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