hm ...
2011-09-20 17:50:25 ET

So, duck (see previous entry) has been approved.
The guy who I sculpted it for is the best friend of Star Trek guy, and was apparently blown away by "Enemy Within" Kirk, and once he saw the duck, he asked if I could paint the hood of the model car.
I will be leaving the painting of the duck up to him - he wants it chrome, and my only silver paint is a bit 'grainy'
He works in a car shop ... I think the basecoat for the hood was done in actual car paint.

The two trek figures I'll be painting for my buddy are Spock, which he wants 'battle damaged' and an O'Brien in a classic uniform that he wants painted as a dead redshirt (well, the dead is optional, but I'm going with it). He's given me free reign again - my only instructions are "green blood on Spock, maybe dirty him up" and "make O'Brien look like anyone but O'Brien"

2011-09-20 17:52:35 ET

Post the pics! I love oogling at them.

2011-09-21 17:08:45 ET

haha, I only got them yesterday!
I will be painting possibly tomorrow and Friday ... and then next week.
I will definitely post pictures when I'm done.

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