2004-07-27 10:02:45 ET

Oh yeah, I have an SK account.

So its been crazy up here with my aunt coming up back on Thursday (she left today) from Orlando for my mother's birthday. In summary: I'm driving down there next summer to stay for a week or so possibly with a friend or friends, I got to eat Filet Mignon for the second time in my life, my mom got smashed like twice, I got to talk cars with another person in my family besides my father, and I got candy out of the deal.

Good times.

So Glenn, Jeff and myself are going to see Tsunami Bomb Sunday night after I get off work seeing as its only 12 bucks. I think he was infected with a love of their music once began to Disgaea himself to death. Oh well. Anyways, he suggested that we carsh at Jeff's place, and hey: I enjoy a good carshing.

I need to find a new avatar out of my image directory. I chose the one I have now because its highly obscure, and no one knows what it is. Anyone care to guess? Nihil is excluded, of course.

2004-07-27 10:10:57 ET

i'm not excluded, but i won't give it away.

carshings are fun.

2004-07-27 10:12:41 ET

I didn't realize that you would know, damn. Oh well. Good job.

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