Nerding out.
2004-07-29 21:46:05 ET

There's a copy of Ys III for Super Nintendo sitting somewhere in my room.

Let me tell you a little bit about this game. Wanderers from Ys.

A fair amount of people seem to have a hard-on for the Ys series. Having only played the third (which seems to be a bastardization of the series I see), I really can't say I'm impressed with it. Side-scroller with hack and slash action and jerky parallax scrolling backgrounds. Really big text. Cool music, though. It's also really really short. Like, it can be beaten in mere hours if you manage to not get hit too often and can manage some powerlevelling, legitimate or otherwise. Why do I mention this game, out of the pile of rad games I have sitting in my room?

I bought it when I was seven. I still have not yet beaten it 12 years later. It is very, very hard.

Well, maybe not so much now. I tried playing through last summer, and I got right up to the penultimate boss; Garland, I think it is. After beating Garland, who is as expected hard as fuck, you don't get to heal before you face the big blob, Galbaran. I think that's his name. Thus, it's really vital to get through Garland with little to no damage. I managed last summer to just get hit once. This is not good enough for me. I spent a good amount of time killing the tall fucker, trying not to get pegged with his lightning nor his big big energy blasts, completely ignoring beating the game just so I could make beating the game a tad easier for me. I eventually gave up and put the controller down.

I'm weird like that.

Actually, there's two more reasons why I mention this game. First of all, the game was released for 3 systems: SNES, Genesis, and TurboGraphix 16 in CD for. As expected, the Turbographix version seems to be the bee's tits, judging by what I've heard audio-wise and from other people. Anyways, I'm gonna hunt down a copy on eBay seeing as they go for pennies.

The other reason is that some company is remaking the damn thing for PS2 with some real pretty graphics. In the event that this comes out on this side of the ocean, I'll have to break down and buy a PS2 between this game and the new Brave Fencer Musashi coming out. And this is coming from a guy that hasn't touched a new RPG since I got bored and snapped my friend's copy of FF9 in half. Did him afucking favor, I did.

Next time: I write a 3 page dissertation on the majesty and glory of REZ.

2004-07-29 23:06:15 ET

When it comes to video games...You are my video game golden god.

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