2005-02-17 20:06:33 ET

So night before last or so I had to put The Master down easy, yo. Well, as easy as you can with plasma blasts targetted towards his eyestalk. And doing it again, this time coercing him into suicide. I <3 Fallout. <3<3<3. Hey, the longer I go before purchasing World of Warcraft, the more money in my pocket.

Started Intro to Production. This should be useful, seeing as I'll learn some honest-to-god markup languages for once as opposed to being at the mercy of Frontpage or the OpenOffice editors.

...Looking back at these two paragraphs, I definitely think I need to get out of the house this weekend.

2005-02-17 20:35:46 ET

you have intro with janell, right? she will pound that shit into your head. and failing that, into your ass. either way, you WILL learn.

and you need to get out of the house and play GUERILLA PAINTBALL.

2005-02-17 21:10:47 ET

<3 fallout. I liked finding the bottle cap truck in a random encounter one day.

WoW is pretty good. I'd probably like it better if they could auto-kick people who like to type in aim sp33k, though.

2005-02-17 21:50:44 ET

Lucky. Only good random I had was the dead peasant with the Stealth Boy lying in the giant reptilian footprint.

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