2005-02-23 16:16:25 ET

Well, last week my best childhood friend came back for 2 weeks from the air force, somehow stealthed over to motherfucking Washingston state, got married to a girl whom none of us have ever met (he's 19, btw), and has returned, only to leave us Friday. How was your fucking week?

School also started last week, which is of course a pain in the bitch. Looks like I don't get off easy this time like I did last semester. 3 IM classes plus 2 Geneds (only one of which being a blowoff, unfortunately) is really going to be a punch in the balls. Fuck. I remember the days when I was bogged down with a tremendous amount of work in high school, and I'll be damned if I'm going to return to those times. That whose exertion thing? And effort? The pits, man.

2005-02-23 16:25:20 ET

it's even more of a punch in the balls when you're only 13 weeks away from graduation and you're trying to balance out your desire to do absolutely nothing with the desire to get a piece of paper that will (hopefully) lead to a job.

2005-02-23 16:28:36 ET

holy shit! look at who likes updating.

2005-02-23 16:28:45 ET

Def: So I guess I have that to look forward to, don't I?

Trpan: This was all Jan's doing. Honest.

2005-02-23 16:32:07 ET

That and soaking in a bathtub full of your own man-secretions.

2005-02-23 16:32:40 ET

it's good for your skin.

2005-02-23 16:33:55 ET

You do realize we are all talking online and intermittently posting on each others' pages? We're nerds.

2005-02-23 16:34:25 ET


2005-02-23 16:34:32 ET

nerd != good word
but i do realize this

2005-02-23 16:35:20 ET

That picture hates you.

2005-02-23 16:36:09 ET

Not anymore, it doesn't.

2005-02-23 16:38:23 ET

Well then.

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