2005-08-28 21:10:12 ET

Good to be back. Think I'll stick around a while.

It's one week now before school starts for me. So allow me to regale you all with a love story.

You know the story. Boy becomes close friends with Girl, Boy falls for Girl, Girl sends out mixed signals, girl turns her head when boy goes in for a kiss, Girl says that she's not looking for a boyfriend right now, Boy broods, Girl flirts with another guy at a party in front of boy, boy drinks heavily, Girl calls Boy drunkenly and tells him how great and respectable he is but how she fears she'll become a psycho bitch should they go out, Boy asks Girl to tell him the truth, that she's not attracted to him, she does so without hesitation, Boy takes leave from Girl for a week to eat ribs with Brian and Dan and Jeff (edit: AND GLENN, THE WHINIEST BITCH EVER, YOU'RE WELCOME GLENN) and spend time not digesting his stomach lining for a change. Boy comes back, Girl does more shit to boy that he's blanked out of his memory, Girl makes out with another guy but hey it's okay because there's no emotion attached and talks about it freely with the Boy. Boy finally fucking snaps.

Needless to say, tonight I had to end a friendship with an otherwise great person and close friend because they had become cancerous to my being.

This life thing? I'm still no good at it. I demand a do-over.

2005-11-09 13:28:30 ET

at least you got ribs out of the deal

2009-07-09 13:19:28 ET

"think i'll be around for a while" in 05?? JEEZ MAN

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