2003-07-19 11:59:44 ET

It fucking sucks. I was supposed to go to pheonix and, now i am not.. I need to buy pants and the only place i can get ones i like to fit me is at Torrid. It happens to be only in pheonix and not here. But i dont get to go because Brenna brought brian.
I am beyond sad.. I just need a brake from life godfuckingdammit.. GARG..

2003-07-21 14:07:30 ET

Cheer up!

2003-07-22 21:55:00 ET

I miss you

2003-07-22 22:09:47 ET

I miss you too, but cheer up! :-P

2003-07-23 16:48:08 ET

thank you.

2003-07-24 07:14:21 ET

we're getting a torrid here.
i went to one in MI and they
are pretty nice. i bought a
pair of white mary janes for
$8.00 on the sale rack...

2003-07-24 07:36:09 ET

Cool.. :) its so fun.. I like torrid.

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