2003-07-19 17:27:33 ET


2003-07-19 17:49:15 ET


2003-07-19 18:28:03 ET

aaahh.. i was just frustrated.. My last two entries will explain haha..

2003-07-19 18:47:46 ET

Read the other two entries and was gonna comment here so I thought why not just put them all in one place.

That is quite a dilemma with the racist man. I know you will make the decision that is best for you, yet I can realize that it must weigh heavily on your mind (well, it seemed that way from the way the entry was written).

Do you not like Brian? Why can't you go to pheonix? When will you be able to go?

Deep breaths my dear, you will get through this, I know you will! You're strong, don't forget! (hugs)

2003-07-20 13:44:55 ET

* yawns *

2003-07-20 23:45:51 ET

With the racist guy,

nobody can tell you who to care about, and maybe you can even make a friendship work out. But in my opinion, a relationship would never work. People who are racist tend to be ignorant in more ways than one, and he could possibly end up hurting you. I know you're a very loving, forgiving person, and you do try to see the best in people, but you need to remember that every personality trait has other implications.

2003-07-21 08:54:18 ET

Steve: Yes it does weigh heavily on my mind. It is one of the hardest decisions I have had to make and I must decide in the interest of well my future. Which is especially hard for me.
Brian no I like him, it just pisses me off that sometimes I get left out because of it.

Rayvin: am I boring you?

Rikki: I know your right. It is so hard for me to be so indecisive. So it will all work out in the end I hope so any way.
I love and miss you lots.

2003-07-21 10:05:58 ET

No your not boring me i'm just to lazy to read

2003-07-22 21:55:22 ET

haha.. :O)

2003-07-25 18:49:48 ET

I love you sweetie, and I know you'll make the right decision for you.

2003-07-26 10:21:04 ET

:) thank you.. :)

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