2003-07-24 15:21:48 ET

Tis amusing no?

2003-07-24 23:14:02 ET

The top button is so kickass, I actually bought one from Hot Topic. I gave it to a friend, and I think he was quite confused. Lol

2003-07-25 06:23:30 ET

i like the top one.

2003-07-25 06:39:19 ET

oOoOoOoOoOo buttons.

2003-07-25 10:48:32 ET

I had the your mom one, but I lost it. :(

2003-07-25 13:30:52 ET

haha.. I am getting a button maker.. it will be damned fun.. fun fun fun.. I want them both.. it is great.. hahah..

2003-07-25 20:45:39 ET


2003-07-25 21:33:56 ET

The 'Your Mom' button is pure, liquid awesome.

2003-07-26 10:21:51 ET

haha.. Yeah.. its great..

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