Today is a day like many others
2003-08-03 14:04:40 ET

I saw the hulk last night with my padra` it wasnt as bad as i thought it would be so it was fun.. I need to get my but a job, yes a job in Tempe my new home well not till after the 16th but still. Well I have been talking to some one i love alot lately. it is so wonderfull. EE.. hum.. i am bored..
but not as much now that Ellie is online.. hehe.. :) fun fun..

2003-08-03 15:31:59 ET

I didn't like how big he was, but the whole movie wasn't too bad I guess.

2003-08-03 16:42:32 ET

Yeah.. it was weird.. but interesing..

2003-08-03 17:05:07 ET

Yeah the ending had me boggled.

2003-08-03 20:53:48 ET

yeah.. it was really off the weird charts.

2003-08-04 09:22:12 ET

I didn't go and see the hulk....any good?

it's always great to talk to someone you love.

2003-08-05 07:08:59 ET

It is it is..

The hulk, not as bad as i though, strange really really weird, i mean i thought it would have been way diffrent..

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