2003-08-08 14:13:42 ET

Has any one seen that movie called May?
Weird, but good.
Well the reason i bring it up is because if i made a friend out of people parts i would use This guys arms. it would be cool.

2003-08-08 17:20:25 ET

I was actually looking at that guys tats yesterday when I saw him on the main page. Very nice work.

2003-08-08 20:42:03 ET

yeah.. its coool.

2003-08-09 00:36:25 ET

Yes very much so. I want to get my Biomechanical sleeve done really bad, but its going to be too expensive.

2003-08-09 05:54:54 ET

I'm wondering if I should lose sleep over thinking about someone coming in the night and sawing off my arms lol..... thank you so much for the compliments though, I'm completely flattered.

2003-08-09 08:26:44 ET

Nah don't worry about it, if she intends to saw your arms off I'll make sure she uses the propper numbing agents and equipment. You wont feel a thing lol.

2003-08-09 10:00:22 ET

Oh thank goodness. Hey wait! I need those!

2003-08-09 11:11:24 ET

I wouldnt steal your arms, but it would be cool. :)
But its really cool your arms..

2003-08-09 15:27:32 ET


2003-08-09 21:32:38 ET

i know, i sounded all flustered.

2003-08-10 16:11:42 ET


2003-08-10 16:37:04 ET

ok.. the rikki booty.. and hum..

2003-08-10 16:37:38 ET


2003-08-10 16:38:57 ET

I am leaving tomorrow, woo.. to the canoeing.. woot
What other parts for the people.

2003-08-10 17:59:56 ET

You can use anything that you want of mine.

2003-08-11 06:16:23 ET

Atina or Dawn's mouth. They have purty lips.

2003-08-17 06:41:22 ET

haha yeah.. its true.. :) woot..

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