2003-08-22 08:04:09 ET

SO SO SO EXCITED, Eliza Dushku, new series on fox
WOO i am happy..

2003-08-22 10:24:12 ET


2003-08-22 11:47:31 ET

i know..

2003-08-22 17:03:00 ET

THat's why she turned down the spin-off series. She was already doing the pilot for Tru Calling. I know pretty much all the details except... WHEN DOES IT START!?

I want my Eliza.

2003-08-23 14:23:41 ET


2003-08-23 17:00:47 ET

NEXT MONTH.. i knew about it i had just forgotten about it untill i say the preview the other day.

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