Moving day....
2003-08-30 15:05:48 ET

Tomorrow. Well it was today but i wasnt quite finished packing so tomorrow it is. I am skurd. really.
It is going to be the first time i am on my own, and have to work for things. which leads me in to the fact that i dont yet have a job. and since i dont live up there yet it makes sence. But it is still a big pain in the butt.
I need to get a job in less than a month. so ahhh.. its scary.
but any way, i can do it. yes yes i can.. **thinking** i hope any way.

2003-08-30 15:15:58 ET

:-) i wish ya luck... where ya movin' 2?

2003-08-30 15:17:44 ET

tis scary.


2003-08-30 15:24:49 ET

where is tempe?

2003-08-30 15:50:30 ET

did you say skurd??
like missy elliot??

2003-08-30 17:32:12 ET

good luck baby!! woot!!

2003-08-30 18:22:15 ET

Moving is hard... :-p

2003-08-30 19:04:50 ET

Gluck, doll!

MST3K will take away all your fears. I swear!


2003-08-30 21:59:13 ET

I moved out today too. Saying goodbye to my mom was rough.

2003-09-01 03:27:16 ET

EMAIL/PM/CALL me with every manner of contacting you. I need to keep in touch.

2003-09-01 19:23:38 ET

Ok.. rikki i will.. haha.. I will do all three haha.. ** misses rikki*
Ryan: yeah my mom cried.
Em: thanks, you are so grand ahah. Hum. I need to get an internet connection there.

PMcP: yes very hard.
Jess: thank you. I MISS MY JESS.
Fake: yep skurd. my sister has said that forever and it stuck.

2003-09-01 19:23:58 ET

Oh and Tempe is in Arizona, near Pheonix and the ASU

2003-09-01 21:25:08 ET

Are you going to be in Tucson or SV when I come visit?

2003-09-01 22:55:11 ET

I'm confused!

2003-09-02 06:05:56 ET

but i will come down to tucson if i can to see you.. Wait i will be in tucson yes..

2003-09-02 18:15:51 ET

I miss my Crys! :(

2003-09-03 13:21:30 ET


2003-09-08 10:22:52 ET

I AM KINDA BACK. woot.. back i mean yeah..

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