te he.
2002-06-18 11:12:37 ET

What kind of drunk are you?

Life is full of wasted dreams. Too many wash their sorrows away with the "bottel" it is quite sad really... hum...
NOT... i do that too... !!!!!

2002-06-18 13:36:03 ET

drunk people are fun to talk to

2002-06-18 16:14:44 ET

yes we are arnt we

2002-06-18 19:27:19 ET

What kind of drunk are you?

I would like to add that this is so true of me...I am either talking about a failed relationship...really happy and want to be around everyone(not a sex wanting drunk, a pub loving drunk)...or how I hate my friends boyfriend...and then I start to talk fluently in German...dont you hate that?

2002-06-18 21:35:51 ET

hum... I compelety understand... i mean the last time i was drunk i made out with i guy i barly know.. i think i met him the same day... but i was all why did i do that... and then i was talking about how my boifriend at the time was horrible... and i wanted out of the relationship... and i think thats why i did it... for my bf at the time to brake up with me!

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