Not meaning to be totaly girly
2002-06-18 21:40:01 ET

I am so excited... not wanted to be too girly but EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! finily a guy who likes me who has not like my older sister first... YAYA Ok any way... his name is justin... he has peircing blue eyes... oh god he is hot... yaya... ok thats all for now
Ps... when i get pictures of him i will put them up!

2002-06-19 13:21:09 ET

Wow I am soooo happy for you!!!! I know how that thing is with your sis but with me its my cousin but I actually just found a guy who liked me over her!!!! Thats so awesome sorry i am a dork!!! Anyways I am glad you like him a lot I HAVE to see pics!!!! Talk to ya later!!!!

2002-06-19 16:42:40 ET

ok.. Well that is good for you... and yes i will get lots of pictures... :)

2002-06-20 00:26:04 ET

Please don't leave that pic of me up. The one where I look naked. Ewwww. that effect made my nose look HUGE and me generally look like a mutant.

2002-06-20 12:12:25 ET

you gave it to me rikki... hehe.. so it stays.. for a while any way...

2002-06-20 19:24:38 ET

bah! BTW, happiness for you!!!!!!!

2002-06-20 20:24:17 ET

thank you:) love you rikki

2002-06-20 22:50:38 ET

:-) love you mooooooooooore biiiiiiiiiitch!

2002-06-21 08:50:19 ET

hey... who ever said i was your bitch?

2002-06-21 16:12:29 ET

I did.


2002-06-21 17:06:38 ET


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