2003-09-09 18:26:20 ET

Well here is how it goes.
My house that i live in, that i spend $305 amounth for a ROOM in, has roaches, i woke up late this moring and when i went back in to my room to get my damned cell phone there was a roach on my bed, on my goddammed bed. and aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.
do i go down in to the sewer and crawl allover the roaches home no, i dont fucking think so. ANd every one is gettign layed off so i cant find a job that is even worth a damn. And the month is over in like what 20 days, and that is how long i have too get a job.


2003-09-09 19:12:13 ET

My house gets roaches sometimes, it's gross.

2003-09-10 08:56:06 ET

waddaya expect for $305

2003-09-10 10:32:58 ET

what do you mean.. That is expencive here. for a room this size eep. and the house is $915 a month, and it has three rooms, and one bathroom. and it is like nothing in size. it is way to much money for what it is, especilly here, and ahhh...
plus my landlord is a slumlord. ARG. i will find the artical and link it. its so crazy.

2003-09-10 11:31:56 ET

O_o... tis kinda scary... our house has gotten roaches before... it took a long time to get rid of them... i learned to like 'em haha...

2003-09-10 11:36:11 ET

Just set off bug bombs, gets rid of em really quick. Or roach powder.

2003-09-10 11:37:56 ET

roach motels are always fun to watch... they don't really get rid of 'em... but it is cool to see them in there struggling... and just nothin' happenin' O_o

2003-09-10 11:39:13 ET

LoL! Ah, suffering.

2003-09-10 11:40:10 ET

haha yes yes... its fun to watch though... even if it really doesn't help the situation... :-)

2003-09-10 12:17:30 ET

well we have "roach powder" boric acid junk. ANd the motels too.
I am buying bombs once every one gets all there crap off the floor so they dont just live in the junk on the floor till the rest of the poisen is gone.

2003-09-10 13:17:44 ET

You should move out here to denver and get a place with me.

2003-09-17 16:05:16 ET

Don't bother with all the chemicals. I had a roach problem a few years ago that I solved with a CO2 pistol and a box of BBs.

2003-09-17 16:06:57 ET

I would.. It would be so fun.. I LOVE RYAN..

hum.. maybe i should get one of those...

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