2003-09-17 16:12:24 ET

Dammit i really need a job by next week or i am screwed. tomorrow i am going back down to the temp agencys to try to get my foot in the job market , i mean at this point i will take any thing. and well yeah, i will so i will WILL get a job by next week yes yes yes.. i must..

2003-09-17 16:16:05 ET


2003-09-17 16:17:05 ET

thank you muchies.

2003-09-17 16:20:40 ET


2003-09-17 16:29:38 ET

Fast food, baby

2003-09-17 20:05:56 ET

Good luck, babe. Luv ya.

2003-09-18 07:35:02 ET

NO FAST FOOD, unless thats a last resort. but yeah..


2003-09-18 08:11:07 ET

ewww fast food : P

2003-09-18 08:56:20 ET

Well, you know thats what it'll come to! The job market is really crappy so factory type jobs and fast food are the only ones I can think of.

2003-09-18 09:55:18 ET

yeah. i'm having trouble myself.

2003-09-18 12:22:15 ET

well all the factorys and thinks like that just laid off 50% of their workers..
its hard.. i need to pay rent, well i have rent, and now i need bill money and some other stuff, like the deposit, and frivolous things like food and electricity..

2003-09-18 19:30:08 ET

man i need room mates whehn i move. and i need to move to another state. i do love cali but its too expensive.

2003-09-18 20:11:20 ET

I have two roomates. and they rock, especilly sammy she is helping with bills this month for me. but ahh.. its hard..

MOVE HERE.. its not as expensive, but its a lot warmer.

2003-09-18 20:14:23 ET

i've actually wanted to always live in the south western areas like arizona, new mexico, and nevada.

2003-09-19 09:35:46 ET

cool.. Its nice really. i like New mexico my self.. thinking about going to a few schools there.

2003-09-19 09:46:47 ET


2003-09-20 11:38:23 ET

yepe yoep

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