2003-09-23 11:38:16 ET

Jack Black is hot.

2003-09-23 12:08:25 ET


2003-09-23 13:08:18 ET

and I thought I was the only one who thinks that. woohoo!

2003-09-23 16:51:26 ET

lol. Um. No.

2003-09-23 17:56:27 ET

Jack Black? Like the comedian? Ew.

2003-09-23 18:10:05 ET


2003-09-23 19:26:28 ET

i think so too.

2003-09-24 08:46:21 ET

His is, i though i was the only one. WOW. so cool..

2003-09-24 13:45:15 ET

you are not alone!!

2003-09-25 14:35:14 ET

HE's not even very funny. He's not gross, just.... not very cute. But hell, to each their own. ;-)

2003-09-25 18:25:41 ET

Its true to each their own. Hum.. I am just glad Im not alone.

2003-09-26 04:14:15 ET

ehh.. I've got really weird taste in people. :P

2003-09-26 08:49:56 ET

Me too.. haha.. Who else do you like that most people think is strange?

2003-09-26 09:39:56 ET

Alan Rickman. :P He played the Sheriff of Nottingham in "Robin Hood Prince of Theives", and Professor Snape in the Harry Potter movies.

2003-09-26 11:33:39 ET

Alan Rickman is the sex. Jack Black, however, is not.

2003-09-26 11:48:40 ET

Jack has a certiain cuteness to him.

2003-09-26 11:48:56 ET

I cnat tpey odtay

2003-09-26 14:52:45 ET

I like both of them. AHHH.. yes.. :)

Jack, and Alan

2003-09-26 15:17:26 ET

Alan just has this delicious evilness to him. :)

2003-09-26 19:34:13 ET

Yes.. mmm.. :)

2003-09-29 21:20:07 ET

Alan Rickman is DELICIOUS.

I have lots of odd ones. Jon Davis. *blush*

2003-09-30 16:51:02 ET

Oh, ew.

2003-09-30 19:27:40 ET

I LOVE LOVE Jonathan Davis.. mmmm..

2003-10-01 07:55:36 ET

Gary Oldman. :)

2003-10-01 08:54:06 ET

Oh, and Tim Armstrong (singer from Rancid)

2003-10-01 12:56:55 ET

YES, I LOVE Tim Armstrong, and Gary Oldman has this strange appeal to him.

2003-10-01 13:08:30 ET

Tim Armstrong is all sorts of sexy as all hell... and Gary? mm. Yes. Strange appeal indeed.

2003-10-01 17:52:29 ET

hehe.. yes.. its great.

2003-10-01 20:38:33 ET

Gary Oldman is the sex.
Tim Armstrong's cute, but Id rather bang his ex-wife.

2003-10-02 03:18:44 ET

Who's his ex wife?

2003-10-02 12:37:40 ET

Brody Armstrong..


2003-10-02 12:39:01 ET

Ahhhh.. *chuckle*

Not really my 'type', but not bad. :P

2003-10-02 12:39:41 ET

hehe.. Yeah..
not to bad..

2003-10-02 12:43:29 ET

I personally think Amy Lee from Evanescence would be a nice snack.

2003-10-02 12:44:54 ET

hehe, Yes. i think so too.. she is very beautiful..

2003-10-02 12:46:23 ET

and there's just something about the black hair/blue eyes combo..

2003-10-02 12:51:04 ET

She's ok.. Brody = HOTT though!

2003-10-02 13:20:56 ET

Amy Lee would be great to play with... as long as she had a muzzle. ;-)

2003-10-02 13:22:04 ET


2003-10-02 13:25:57 ET

But Brody's my babydaddy. She doesn't know it yet, mind you, but I shall have my way with that woman.

2003-10-02 13:28:53 ET

Well, best of luck on that. :P

2003-10-02 21:39:15 ET

Yes, i wish you luck as well.
Why a muzzle?

2003-10-05 13:18:05 ET

Because her music is mostly annoying. Kinda like Beyonce Knowles. I can watch her videos (on mute) all day. :-D

2003-10-06 08:51:10 ET

haha.. so their hot, just crapy music.. i get it.. hahah.

2003-10-06 08:51:33 ET

True dat

2003-10-06 08:52:04 ET


2003-10-06 09:36:19 ET

true enough.. just watch her on mute.

2003-10-06 09:56:01 ET

hehe.. it would be fun.

2003-10-06 11:51:59 ET

Beyonce Knowles and whats-her-face-from-Evanwhatsit should do a video together. With no sound.

2003-10-06 11:55:05 ET

and a vat of jello.

2003-10-06 11:55:47 ET

or chocolate pudding

2003-10-06 11:56:00 ET

mmmmm. pudding.

2003-10-06 15:41:53 ET

but silently, silently.

2003-10-06 16:18:33 ET

haha, that sounds really funny.

2003-10-08 01:14:29 ET

Except maybe the occasional grunt???

2003-10-08 04:08:19 ET

haha.. dude.

2003-10-08 14:57:16 ET

Beyonce' seems like she'd have sexy grunts.

2003-10-08 16:27:44 ET

Agreed. I always wonder about singers' orgasms. Similar to their singing voice?

2003-10-08 16:29:31 ET

I have no idea. If so, then I would FEAR Mariah Carey's.

2003-10-08 16:35:58 ET

hahahaha- Agreed. Although based on this logic, who do you think would be the best sounding?

2003-10-08 17:07:17 ET

Charlotte Church has an awesome voice.

2003-10-08 19:01:54 ET


2003-10-09 00:13:56 ET

yeah, but isn't she, like, 13? *creeped out*

2003-10-09 12:26:18 ET

LMAO She's 17 turning 18

2003-10-09 16:03:47 ET

amanda farted. hahahahah.

2003-10-09 21:45:45 ET


2003-10-10 14:24:17 ET


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