2002-06-20 12:56:32 ET

You know what is fucking nasty... cleaning up DOG VOMIT... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dammit it is one of the grodyiest things ever... hum... yes gross... ok.. i wont discribe the colour or any thing... hum.. any way..
I am bored.. i miss my long hair.. but it still rocks... hum.. i am so tired... but its almost 3 in the afternoon.. what the hell is my problem.. damn the man and all that junk.. i am rambling but hey... incoherentness is my forte`..... so yes... ok by ebye

2002-06-20 16:23:51 ET

dude crys puke is nothin! i had to clean SHIT off of gilleys ass today... i was washing it and my dad made me mush it around with my hands. oh well it wasnt that bad. oh crap i forgot to wash up! jp haha! luv u sweetie!

2002-06-20 16:56:34 ET

ok.. that is gross too... i know.. hum... it is gross, i know i have had to do that when my dog wound out eating hair and it was stuck to that...

2002-06-21 08:41:26 ET


2002-06-21 08:49:39 ET

i know...

2002-06-22 10:53:37 ET


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