Ok, heres the issue:
2003-09-30 19:35:06 ET

Tomorrow, I am going to be talking to my estranged biological ass of a father, whom I have not spoken to in ten plus years. And other than my roommates sound advice to say "Hi, I am your daughter," I have no really clue as to what to say to him.
I am shaky, and my heart is not functioning correctly.


also I have a step dad, who I consider my dad, and father. And I have no idea what to call the man who is the sperm donor (not really but yeah). AHHHHH.

2003-09-30 19:36:49 ET

i know how oyu feel. my dad right now is my dad he's the one who raised me. my bio-dad i have no feeling for. but i feel he abandoned me anyways. so i'm not sure what to tell you sorry hun.

2003-09-30 19:38:52 ET

tis ok.
Yeah, i dont know how to feel. i dont love that man at all.

2003-09-30 19:39:27 ET

i know whatcha mean.

2003-09-30 19:40:44 ET


2003-09-30 19:45:48 ET


2003-09-30 19:46:25 ET

Thank you. :)

2003-09-30 19:46:41 ET


2003-09-30 19:47:15 ET


2003-09-30 22:42:30 ET

*hugs*... sorry... i had my biological dad... all my life... he just never did anything with me till i was 15... (before then the only thing i really remember doin' with him... was gettin' beat on sundays) hahaha.. yea good times... he's a very dif. person now though... O_o... i guess maybe he's tryin' to makeup? or somethin' not sure... confuses me

2003-10-01 03:34:24 ET

i have the same prob. i dont even have a dad. or a dad figure. my bio dad to me is just a person and i've talked to him already.

he would say "do you love me? i love you"
and i would say "no, i dont know you, you're a stranger to me"

be straight forward to him. thats how i was to my dad. and if he understands and still wants to talk to you and what not maybe hes trying to work.

but if he doesnt care than fuck it..you havent known him the past 10 years..whats another 10 or 20 gonna do?

but in all honestly just be straight foward to him dont be all lovey dovey and nice...and if you really want to know him...just talk to him about him..whats do he do for a job, is he remarried, why he left and has he been doing for the past 10 years you havent spoken to him....and im sure he'll want to get to know you too so the question will be right back at ya...just get to know him like you would any other stranger you just met.

anyways thats my advice.

my dickhead of a dad promised this and that, never came through. dont understand why he had to make promises to me. and would just call to try and convince me to make my mom stop collecting child support and once i was out of H.S. and child support stop collecting...guess who else stopped calling......

2003-10-01 06:15:14 ET

Leinad: yeah maybe he is trying to make up, you never know, one thing i remember about my bio, is that when i would see him, as few and farbetween that was, he would bring things like toys, trying to make up for not being there.
ANd thank you for the support.

Cyndi: woo ah. Damn dickhead, eep. Yeah, well he sent child support for like 6 months, but it stoped like 7 months ago so it all blah. I mean its not like it was something that could make up for what all he did, but yeah.
Man, that sucks. Hum. I need to call him, or i wont stop thinking about it.

But thanks for the advice.

2003-10-02 07:09:10 ET

Well I'm glad you get to see him. But I agree with Cyndi, you don't owe him anything- so don't be scared to be honest with him.

2003-10-02 12:39:08 ET

THanks jess.. You have no idea how much you all help..

OH AND I MISS JESS. and i will call you

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