2003-10-05 11:48:51 ET

Well I have a job, I start Tuesday.
ITs Circle K. but its ok. I will be fine there. and yeah.
I am so much out of it lately, I mean talking to my biological father was weird, it was only for 16 minuts, but yeah. So strange. and i am not even sure i would want to talk again.

I miss my Mom and my dad and my sisters. And my dogs. and yeah.
Rikki, is in town, well in Sierra vista. I want to see her so bad but i dont know how i am going to get down ther to see her. my car is a peice of crap. Ah.. its crazy.

2003-10-05 14:28:16 ET

We'll work it out.

2003-10-05 14:53:00 ET

Do you miss me? I am lost without my Crys.

2003-10-06 08:54:32 ET

Yes rikki we will it will work out.. IT WILL

Yes i miss my ryan, even though he didnt move here with me, i still miss him and i love him muchies.

2003-10-07 15:10:54 ET

Move here with me.

2003-10-07 19:42:10 ET

OK.. hehe.. I LOVE RYAN

2003-10-07 20:14:55 ET

what did he say to you? (bobo-the-sperm-doner)

2003-10-07 20:38:35 ET

Ah, that he should have called over the years, and how sorry he was, you know crap like that. And he kept saying he loved me and i was like, ok. He is going to give me money and a car, what ever car i want, he rebuilds old cars and sells them now so i just have to pick one and he will give it to me.. but i dont know if i want any thing from him.. It was too weird.

2003-10-08 17:39:59 ET

I love Crys which is why she should seriously come live with me.

2003-10-08 19:03:34 ET

with you?

2003-10-08 19:21:21 ET

Yes with me.

2003-10-08 19:21:22 ET

But you just got done moving huh?

2003-10-09 16:04:52 ET

yeah, but i plan on moving again in a year.

2003-10-09 18:13:58 ET

I see. So move here god damnit!

2003-10-09 19:12:40 ET

haha.. But i dunno,i will save money and we will know from them

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