2003-10-06 09:01:02 ET

so i have this weird purple spot under my arm, near where my armpit is. Its from a damned underwire bra, no more under wire. dammit.
I was looking in the mirror seeing if i missed shaving, cause i am were a sleavless shirt. and bam, big purple spot looks like old peoples legs. its dumb

2003-10-06 09:01:26 ET

Eep! Is it a bruise?

2003-10-06 09:02:54 ET

underwires are the worst. i've gotta throw one of my bras out because it too, has turned into the devil.

2003-10-06 09:53:41 ET

underwire bras are bad for that.. :(

2003-10-06 09:54:01 ET

I dont know if its a bruise, i noticed that my under wire hurt there so i stoped wearing it, but now it dosnt hurt but it looks eeky.

Yes underwires are the DEVIL

Yes very very bad. eep.

2003-10-06 09:54:27 ET

that sucks. I hate it when they poke out ni the front and poke your boobs.

2003-10-06 09:55:08 ET

yes. that sucks. i think that i will just buy the kind with out under wires from now on.. its crap..

2003-10-06 09:55:26 ET

I'm a sports-bra addict. :P

2003-10-06 09:56:47 ET

sports bras, dont come in my size.. :( i want my boobs to shrink so they will, i love sports bras.

2003-10-06 09:59:33 ET

I'm one of those damned in-between sizes.. so I have the option of either swimming in a D, or pouring over a C.
Sports bras seem to work best.

2003-10-06 10:01:58 ET

ah, thats great.
I am like that too, it was D to DD, but i am loosing weight so its just C to D, but still sports bras unless they have a zipper front just dont seem to work.

2003-10-06 10:04:05 ET

I feel your pain, sistah. :P

2003-10-06 10:41:38 ET

there is this ultimate sports bra i saw in prevention magazine that is almost like wearing chest armor. it's crazy. lately, even though i bought a bigger bra, i feel like my cup runneth over. damn bras.

2003-10-06 10:52:15 ET

that would be awesome for when I go running.. I've gone so far as to wear a sports bra UNDER a climbing halter just to keep things from moving too much. :P

2003-10-06 10:54:53 ET

hahaha yeah

2003-10-06 11:36:20 ET

Underwires make the boobies look pretty though.

2003-10-06 11:43:52 ET

This is true.
the girls aren't as ..perky.. as they used to be. :P

2003-10-06 11:48:18 ET

big boobs. bleh.

2003-10-06 11:51:26 ET

what I would do to be an A cup again.

2003-10-06 11:52:43 ET

Ack. Sounds like you need a bigger bra, hun.

2003-10-06 11:53:07 ET

*does the "I'm a B-cup" dance*

2003-10-06 11:55:31 ET

*thwaps the girl with the B-cup*

2003-10-06 11:58:12 ET

oh to be a B.

2003-10-06 12:02:43 ET

You can thwap my tits all you want, they'll still be small. It's a fair trade-off, methinks.

2003-10-06 12:06:56 ET


2003-10-06 12:36:43 ET

Seriously. Small/big. Big- appreciated by alot of people, and very womanly looking. Small- Easier to deal with, longer lasting youthful appearance. All about balance. ;-)

2003-10-06 12:37:47 ET

It just gets annoying when people talk to your cleavage instead of making eye contact.
and I can't sleep on my stomach.
But DAMN do I fill out clothes nicely. :)

2003-10-06 12:46:52 ET

i can't go running unless i wear a suit of armor, and when i'd conduct the band with just the t shirt instead of the band uniform, i'd get people saying "go faster!!!" egh.

2003-10-06 12:48:32 ET

that rocks.

2003-10-06 13:43:58 ET

Men will talk to your chest no matter what. I'm a B/C, and I still have that problem. And It's damn near imposssible to find dresses that fit, because if it's big enough for my ass, it's too small for my tits! Cheers to our racks!

2003-10-06 13:45:56 ET


2003-10-06 15:48:41 ET

It just gets annoying when people talk to your cleavage instead of making eye contact.
Amen to that.

I think mine are the same size as Rikki's. Jussst right.

2003-10-08 01:12:07 ET

High five for my "Just a Handful" sistahs!

Although you have to admit, big boobies make the waist look smaller, which is always a plus.

2003-10-08 04:11:15 ET

you all suck.. well not all of you.. but i wish i had smaller ones, but they will be once I finish losing the weight.

2003-10-08 05:54:01 ET

weight loss permitting, i'll be a C again.

2003-10-08 14:36:27 ET

YAY to weight loss.

2003-10-08 20:48:22 ET


2003-10-09 16:06:08 ET


2003-10-09 17:23:14 ET

*crosses her fingers*

2003-10-09 19:14:19 ET

Woo woo

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