Ode to greatness:
2003-10-12 14:17:56 ET

Well I just finished watching Clay Pigeons Such a good movie.
Vince Vaughn is such an Uber hottie, and So is Joaquin Pheonix. And i love Janeane Garofalo.
But woo ah. good movie, now one of my favorites. :)

2003-10-12 15:43:17 ET

Never seen it before. But if you say its good then it must be. The Crys cannot be wrong.

2003-10-12 19:20:54 ET

haha, yeah. its a good flick. you should watch it.

2003-10-12 19:27:42 ET

i havnt' seen it either. but i'd rather not watch an edited t.v. version.

2003-10-13 12:36:44 ET

Well i watched it on Video.. so yeah..

2003-10-13 18:59:10 ET


2003-10-13 19:48:24 ET

:-P I want a Crys hug damnit. I think that would make me feel better.

2003-10-13 21:16:34 ET


2003-10-14 14:09:48 ET

:-D yay! Thanks babe!

2003-10-14 16:52:09 ET

mmmmmmJoaquin Phoenix.

Ever seen that movie where Nicole Kidman gets him to kill her husband? It's good. There's a HOTTTTTTTT scene where Mr. Phoenix masturbates to the weather report. GREAT.

2003-10-14 20:19:56 ET

you love that movie huh? man i gotta see that. whats it called?

2003-10-14 20:36:47 ET

Nope, i want to see that movie.

2003-10-15 18:20:54 ET

I can never remember what it was called. But it's pretty hot.

2003-10-16 20:32:57 ET

hum.. interesting

its called.. ummm
To Die For

2003-10-16 20:39:03 ET

hmmm gotta look that up.

2003-11-05 15:32:23 ET

I just saw it again last night. Yeah. "To Die For"

2003-11-05 15:32:59 ET


2003-11-05 17:42:22 ET

hehe.. yeah.. goodness.

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