You know you need new pants went...
2003-10-18 20:22:01 ET

You pull them down to go to the bath room wiht out unzipping them and dont even realize it untill you pull them up.
And when pulling up your pants is part of you daily routine.

2003-10-18 20:26:58 ET

You know you need new pants when you sit down on munincipal property and feel the cool touch of wet cement on your bare skin.

2003-10-18 20:34:16 ET

you know you need new pants... when goin' to the bathroom... all you have to do is slide your pants over to the side a little... and piss out of the huge hole O_o

2003-10-18 20:46:37 ET

viva belts. I'm still fighting mum about going clothing shopping for that reason.. hate shopping...

and good one gabe

2003-10-18 21:13:55 ET

yea... i was just mentioning from personal experience... haha

2003-10-18 21:24:05 ET

hehehe... well, seeing as technical reasons don't make that as possible.... I remember a time when i was actually growing (i'm short), where pants from the winter were cut into shorts for the summer.

2003-10-18 21:25:56 ET

hahaha... (done that before) :-)

2003-10-18 21:27:24 ET

I still do that.. minus the growing. Just cut pants into shorts once the holes in the knees are too big.

2003-10-18 21:29:38 ET

yea i actually had these 69's that i got off of this girl... she had a hole cut out in the crotch... which i don't know... i guess at the time it just didn't bother me she had a eat out hole cut in her pants (it was a ripped hole... it was intentional whatever it was for O_o)

2003-10-18 23:20:53 ET

Haha, I used to have a lot of pants like that! I have these pair of black and pink plaid pants that used to regularly slide off my hips.. bah

2003-10-19 07:27:38 ET

Im a big kid look what i can do.
i can wear big kid pants too.

2003-10-19 21:03:41 ET


Kris: hum, Cement. sounds interesting. and kinda fun.
Dan: I can pee standing up too, its just kida hard. but i couldnt from a hole nope nope.
Sami: Yes, i should invest in a belt, beats the hell out of shoping ofr new cloths. wait i like new stuff, just not the shopping part.
Angel: haha, yeah its kinda cool..
RG: that is so great, its the pullup thing right. haha.

2003-10-19 21:05:17 ET

hahaha... i would imagine so :-)

2003-10-19 21:07:15 ET

but i am proud to say i can pee in a urinal like the best of them, but with my pants arround my ankles.

2003-10-19 21:13:13 ET

hahaha... it's all cool... i can pee pretty well in a urinal myself... but i guess i should be able 2... be a little worried if i couldn't O_o

2003-10-19 21:14:04 ET

haha, yeah.. I know a few guys who can but wont pee in a urinal.. they have stage fright.

2003-10-19 21:15:18 ET

hahaha... i actually don't have this thing called 'stage fright'... but if anyone is pissing beside me... i prefer them to not stare or nothin' haha (take a picture it'll last longer O_o)

2003-10-19 21:18:39 ET

I was at the Lucky 13 in SF last week ... a some dude totally looked at my package while we were pissing. Now .. he didn't seem like he was checking me out. It was more like he was gathering field notes or something.

I yelled at him "Hey buddy that's like driving and talking on a cell phone, you're gonna have an accident."

2003-10-19 21:18:54 ET

haha, i think i will do that, head into the mens room with a poloroid(sp) and starts snapin' some shots.. haha..
that would be reallyf funny.

2003-10-19 21:19:35 ET

Kris: wooah. that is great.. haha.

2003-10-19 21:21:41 ET

hahaha... yea please no pictures :-).... haha he tends to be photogenic... not somethin' that is good O_o hahaha lol j/k

2003-10-19 21:26:23 ET

but so funny

2003-10-19 21:28:13 ET

yes... start tellin' him to strike a pose... haha :-P... now to the left a little... ok over to the right.....

ok now give the... i am bad and mysterious look... yes yes we're loving it hahahahaha

2003-10-19 21:29:17 ET

my god, is so should do that. it would be so great..

2003-10-19 21:30:21 ET

hahahaha it would be quite funny

2003-10-19 21:35:29 ET

but then, i may be arrested, and kicked out of what ever public place i decide to do this at. but it is for a good cause. fun

2003-10-19 21:36:36 ET

you could post your *work* online ... maybe start your amatuer flasher pics site ...

then buy your way back into the public eye

2003-10-19 21:42:30 ET

Yes. that could work.. hum..
*shifty eyes*..

2003-10-19 21:42:38 ET

yes yes... and make multitudes of cash while doin' so ;-)

2003-10-19 21:47:17 ET

yep yep..
and be so much fun..

2003-10-19 21:53:49 ET

Ok we're doing it. This is *Sub* Kultures right? Time do create something deviant yet tasteful. Ideas???

1) Amatuer candid camera website "Crys the Raider"


2003-10-19 21:58:04 ET

I dunno.
i like the sound of that.

2003-10-19 21:58:50 ET

2) what lyes behind the stall (get to know your average joe... (laughs uncontrollably))

2003-10-19 21:59:22 ET

that is so great..

2003-10-19 22:16:51 ET

:-D thank you :::bows:::

2003-10-19 22:17:13 ET


2003-10-19 22:20:43 ET

3) Peepin' for Penises (what people will do for 2 bucks)

2003-10-19 22:22:52 ET

Good one Gabe!!! I hurt my elbows laughing so hard.
That's bloody brilliant!

2003-10-19 22:26:13 ET

hahahaha :-) thank you :::bows::: :-D

2003-10-20 22:25:56 ET

hahahaha, its so true too.. so funny

2003-10-20 22:36:10 ET

i think it would be an interesting site anyways haha

2003-10-20 23:26:01 ET

haha, would you be a person to help run it.

2003-10-20 23:44:30 ET

O_o toughy... i dont' know hahaha...

2003-10-21 06:52:50 ET

haha.. yeah..

2003-10-21 06:53:33 ET

i would... it just be weird... for me to be part of a... take picture of penis site hahaha... hahaha

2003-10-21 06:54:12 ET

Well we could do both things like go in to both Chicks rooms and Dudes rooms.. ahah.

2003-10-21 06:54:55 ET

hahaha... :::finger to chin::: :::thinks for awhile:::... ok i'll help :-)... hahaha

2003-10-21 07:01:41 ET

hehe.. oh yeah.. WOO HOO.. so hum. i should probably find my camra.. haha..

my god, i am accually going to do this arnt i.. hum..

2003-10-21 07:02:30 ET

:-D hahaha YAY!!! we can even have a page for visitors to send in their on pictures!!! YAY... fun

2003-10-21 07:12:34 ET

haha yeah, it would be fun fun fun... :)

2003-10-21 07:20:17 ET

would be... not gonna do it now?? O_o

2003-10-21 15:01:54 ET

I dunno, I am still contemplating the actual act of it.

2003-10-21 20:02:12 ET

purty redecoration... but i can't see the words well :(

2003-10-21 21:32:22 ET

Ok.. i will change the font.. hum..

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