2003-10-20 22:25:24 ET

Well now,
I drove down to tucson.
I went stright from work to here, and now i am really tired. and yeah. it is weird. the computer is in the guest room and that makes it really cool too.
DJ's old room is the guest room, she moved in to my old room.
Its pretty snazy.
Well that is what i have to say.

2003-10-21 15:46:18 ET

All I have to say is that I LOVE YOU!

2003-10-21 18:52:13 ET

Ooooohhh it's almsot time ...

2003-10-21 21:35:51 ET

:) woo ah.. YAY..
THank you ryan.. I LOVE YOU TOO.
and YES about 28 min.. woot

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