2003-10-26 10:12:39 ET

Dont wanna go to work.. but if i dont i will be bored.
blah. ok..

2003-10-26 16:25:37 ET

i'm still looking for a job.

2003-10-26 18:25:39 ET

eh work.

2003-10-26 20:49:48 ET

yeah say that when your living on the streets.

2003-10-27 09:23:28 ET

haha.. yeah if i dont go to work i will be living on the streets.

2003-10-27 18:37:27 ET


2003-10-27 20:40:26 ET

tis no fun.. blah.

2003-10-28 18:58:33 ET


2003-10-28 19:29:43 ET

work ... I pray each day to get fired. they hand me more work
I should be happy I got a job.

2003-10-28 20:02:54 ET


2003-10-29 11:51:52 ET

but it still sucks to work.

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