2002-06-23 21:56:56 ET

Today was Jessicas Wedding, i got stuck in a traffic jam and was late getting rikki... I got to the park at 6:20 and no one was there, i spent the remander of the evening looking for her, or the wedding party... how could an entire wedding party dissapear? i have been calling people, i went to the hospital, thank go she was not there, went to hotels... and every where... it was a stressfull evening... i need ciggeretts.. Rikki and i smoked them all cause we were so worried ...
At first when we were late we were up set because it is our best friends wedding... i mean Jessica is my best best friend... and we were late... but when we got there no one was there... it was a scarry thing... i hope she is ok... i have not heard from here yet... i hope her and Adam are ok.. i love them.. they are so great... :) ok
i feel a lot better now...

2002-06-23 22:34:58 ET

She's OK. Note the entry on her page. Guess you just missed it...

Traffic jam in Sierra Vista? Talk about "rain on your wedding day..."

2002-06-24 00:37:19 ET

bah. bah. bah. bah. I'm pissed. I can't believe we missed it.

2002-06-24 08:52:59 ET

I know... bah and shit

2002-06-24 14:26:27 ET

I am sorry if it makes you feel better I just moved and i get lost going.....wel everywhere. Maybe its cause I am blonde now...hmmmm

2002-06-24 14:30:48 ET

hehe... its ok.. but my mom is mad at jessica for what she wrote on her page.. and i spent a lot of time crying... but i hope everything is ok.... hum.. well your a sweetie Venus love you!

2002-06-25 14:52:33 ET

I still say we kidnap Jesse for a late Bachelorette party this weekend.

2002-06-25 16:07:08 ET

Oh yeah... sunday... dunken bachelorette party!

2002-06-25 17:33:13 ET

woooohoooo! Are there anymale strippers in Sierra Vista?

2002-06-25 20:31:10 ET

Well, there's me...

2002-06-25 20:47:23 ET

gee.... I'll... keep that in mind. :-S

2002-06-25 20:50:59 ET

You still have that dollar, right?

2002-06-25 20:53:03 ET

nope. spent ittttt.

2002-06-25 20:57:47 ET

No, you didn't.
Actually, isn't it supposed to be my dollar now? I bought mountain dew for us, frappucino for me, but your frappucino... you said you were gonna pay for. Damn you! This has happened before! I ended up just buying it all and forgetting!

I've got to get a job... I wanna work at that shop I've been talking about... OH! Know what? I think I can graduate after only one semester of being a senior! I can totally work that out, then take Christmas vacation, and then take a light class-load and maybe try to work at the shop!

2002-06-25 20:59:01 ET

what shop?

And yes, Andy. I spent the dollar. And not on my Frappuccino. We both forgot.

2002-06-25 21:19:53 ET

Heh. Oh well. I always say I don't care about money...

Chon Microsystems, formerly The Byte Shack. Tom sold The Byte Shack to Al, and then Al moved it to the building Chon's Collision Repair is in... I wanted to work there a while back, but I didn't have the necessary education... I've said before, there are still holes in my computer-knowledge, but I think if I could work there I could fill in those holes on the job...

I've said it many times: I want to know everything. I HAVE to know everything. It's the only way I can live. But, I can't do that, so I get a little dysfunctional...

2002-06-25 22:15:19 ET

I know everything. For I am GOD. :-)

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