2003-10-29 21:09:48 ET

Spiraling down
Quickly comes the ground
Fighting hard to stay awake
Trying to make no mistake
Fighting demons only to find
The monsters I seek are all in my mind
Torching my very own soul
My want, my will, all-hiding in the hole
Tugging, ripping at my brain
All seemingly driving me insane
Skirmishing hard to stay alive
Running from the one with the very large knife.

Crystallynn Caulfield

2003-10-29 21:22:57 ET

*hugs*... <3

:::finger to chin::: so we're not gonna do the bathroom site now? :-\

2003-10-29 21:30:37 ET

Dude you make me giggle, and smile. :)
yes. we should so i can have a life of my own.

2003-10-29 21:45:56 ET

awww haha :-) then we can do the bathroom site... and then you can giggle daily :-)...

(whoa and that dude... couldn't believe he showed me his...)... have stories for future grandchildren and stuff... shall be awesome haha

2003-10-30 05:31:39 ET

yes awsome. And great too.. :)

2003-10-30 20:44:51 ET

:-) tis shall it be... let me know when you wanna start makin' it... we'll have to get started :-D

2003-10-31 20:21:40 ET

ok.. ;) woo ah..

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