2002-06-24 14:28:45 ET

When life is what I want it to be I will call you
If I ever get what I want out of life I will talk to you
Do you even care who I am or what I want?
I donít think you do
Do I care what you think of me?
No I truly donít
Life is full of twists and turns
If you choose the right path
You may just get what you want
But if your like me eve when you get it you wont want it any more
Life seems like a big joke
And only pain for me
But some day I will see
That there is a true love for me

2002-06-24 15:08:16 ET

Did you right this,mydear?

2002-06-24 16:19:10 ET

yes yes i did

2002-06-24 17:35:22 ET

good job

2002-06-24 17:49:11 ET

I think its beautiful!

2002-06-24 18:50:36 ET

It's a really nice one Crys. =) Love ya..

2002-06-24 19:05:34 ET


2002-06-24 19:57:56 ET

Punk Kitten= thank you
Jess= Love you too !!!
manda=thank you toooooo

2002-06-24 20:04:02 ET

Your welcome!

2002-06-24 20:05:57 ET


2002-06-24 20:09:56 ET


2002-06-24 20:12:49 ET

I love poetry... i write all the time... it helps me feel better especilly when i am angry

2002-06-24 20:20:27 ET

I do too, some times, but I thought it alwasy sucked, so I kinda stopped.

2002-06-25 04:19:09 ET

Basically writting helps to get your feelings out... it doesn't matter if it makes sense or not. As long as you feel better -nods lots-

2002-06-25 05:14:55 ET

that is correct jess... :) and PK i think you should write more poetry... so i can read it

2002-06-25 06:50:24 ET

Ok.. I use to write songs...they are kinda silly, but mostly my feelings..

2002-06-25 16:04:25 ET

well that is good... songs are always fun.... :) woop woop

2002-06-25 19:04:37 ET


2002-06-26 09:48:09 ET

I am in the dooby room!!! hehehe

2002-06-26 12:32:36 ET


2002-06-27 10:28:16 ET

i know... tis funny no?

2002-06-27 10:32:18 ET

I dunno..umm..where am i agian

2002-06-27 10:34:03 ET

i dont know... i am in the dooby room again... its amandas brothers roomates room...

2002-06-27 12:18:49 ET

I see

2002-06-27 12:20:36 ET

yeah... man i am going to the warped tour and a punk show tonight... warped tour tuesday and punk show tonight yay!!

2002-06-27 12:20:56 ET

Heres a poem thingy I wrote, its kinda strange, but here it is :

The crow
It sits outside my window
The crow
It waits for me
Its watchin me
Watching every move
It talks to me in my sleep
It protects me from harm
It makes all the wrong right
It tells me who I am
It tells me who it is
Its a lost soul
Soul is too sad to leave this world
I hear the crow
I awake to morning
It was all just a dream
Not reality
Just a dream
That seemed so real

.....dunno why I wrote it, just started writing...It was about a dream though...atleast I think it was a dream..

2002-06-27 15:21:04 ET

Punk Kitten: Awesome... Crystal: I'm totally jealous of you!! BIATCHH!!!

2002-06-27 18:46:13 ET


2002-06-28 09:45:53 ET

that was great.... :) really..

2002-06-28 18:06:45 ET

I guess, I thought it was alittle odd..

2002-06-29 13:12:27 ET

yeah... but odd is good.. dear lord i wrote a poem called the wooden garden and got it published... so weird and odd is good!!!

2002-06-30 18:56:58 ET

hehe..I guess so.

2002-06-30 20:43:50 ET

It is really :) YAY!!

2002-07-01 07:23:01 ET

hehe...Yay!....hahaha...god I NEED SLEEP...didn't go to sleep until 5am..and mom called an woke me up at 9...grrrrr..

2002-07-01 07:37:52 ET

oh... well that just is not enough... damn.. go back to bed!!!

2002-07-01 09:31:38 ET

Can't sleep though..grr...have company..well a can't sleep, and even if I wanted to, I'm not sleepy

2002-07-01 10:40:35 ET

damn.. hum.. YOu need that Unasom thing.. it makes you tired with out side effects or something like that

2002-07-01 16:01:15 ET

yeah..I'm fine sleep..a few shut eyes for about10 mins here and there...I'm cool.

2002-07-02 21:02:58 ET

Well thats good...

2002-07-03 07:13:42 ET


2002-07-03 12:21:28 ET


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