bye bye for now
2002-06-25 05:28:49 ET

Leaving today.... going to pheonix dont worry i will be back saterday... yaya.... any way i am tired... i want to go to bed... tired must sleep :)

2002-06-26 09:51:26 ET

HEY! Your avatar is MY pic!

2002-06-26 09:57:11 ET

I know... hehehe..,.

2002-06-26 10:00:39 ET

And it's supposed to be titled "3 Basic Food Groups". :-P :-P

2002-06-26 10:50:54 ET

interesting... but i like the title i have... hum.. wait what title do i have?

2002-06-27 11:27:52 ET

Liquid of life or some shit. You don't even mention the all-important NICOTINE!!!!

2002-06-27 12:14:04 ET

NICOTINE!!! YAY>.. sorry
but i changed part of it to 3 basic food groups
and not liquid of life.. andt its not shit

2002-06-27 12:51:13 ET

:-P it was shit. :-D

2002-06-28 09:43:44 ET

hum???? no not shit... your stuff is shit... yes... yours

2002-06-28 10:34:58 ET

Apparently so shitty that you stole it for your avatar. :-D

2002-06-28 16:14:18 ET

what are you talking about... my camra my picture!!!!!!!!

2002-06-29 14:43:23 ET

My finger on the button. My idea. my picture. :_P

2002-06-29 16:11:03 ET

sorry.. hun.. mine mine mine... well yours too... but you know me.. i will send youalll the pics asap

2002-06-29 16:47:18 ET

YAY! I NEEEED THEM FOR MASTURBA..... I mean.... posting!

2002-06-29 17:33:12 ET

ha ha ha ha

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