2003-11-21 10:20:21 ET

In general I am not doing well today.
I want to cry.
i have been doing so much better lately. but today is just a down day i suppose. it sucks. I dont know what to do. i mean i have been down right chipper on some days. But today i want to die.
I dont know what to do. maybe it will be better after work. i hope any way.
i just needed to write. so bare with me alright.
life is a pain in the ass.
and i know this from too much first had experience. blah.
and yeah. i want to sleep.
i think i may call in tomorrow take a day to rest. i dont know.. i doubt that i will call in so yeah.

2003-11-21 10:23:48 ET

awww *hugs*... i'm sorry that things not been doin' well :-\

tis not cool that you feel like that... wished was somethin' could do to make ya feel better

2003-11-21 10:25:51 ET

THank you dan. you know just hearing you say that makes me feel better.

Yeah, i think all my friends on SK should move here in one place so we could all cheer eachother up.

2003-11-21 10:30:16 ET

:-) that would be pretty cool... yea i really need to get out... but wouldn't know where to go 2... so i don't know what's gonna happen :-\

i really don't want ya to be sad though...

i guess you could use your tears for the site we're are gonna be makin'...
"could you pull your pants down, please :::big teary puppy dog eyes:::"...

don't think anyone would be able to refuse :-)

hope that you have a nice day at work :-\... you probably should take a day off... it's good to have some time off...
i know when i get into routines i tend to get pretty unhappy myself... routines usually are a pretty big downer to me :-\... don't know if that's the reason you are sad...
but should get some time for yourself anyways :-)

2003-11-21 20:37:59 ET

I do feel better.
THank you.
Work is a pain though. and i am so tired of standing for 8 hours sleeping, then going to work to stand for 8 hours again.
Hum.. COME HERE. it could be cool. :) and lots of fun..

2003-11-22 08:39:37 ET

oh sweety *hugs* whats wrong?

2003-11-22 08:43:41 ET

Life. but i am better now. IT is better now. I was just haveing a horrid day.

2003-11-22 08:44:16 ET

aww. welli'm glad your doing better.

2003-11-22 08:54:43 ET

Thanks sweetie.. you are suchs a sweetheart. ;)

2003-11-22 08:59:01 ET

you too! <3

2003-11-22 09:21:14 ET

visit visit visit!!!

2003-11-22 09:32:53 ET

glad you are feelin better :-)... tis can really understand how that would get old...
*hugs* :-)

2003-11-22 20:54:55 ET

Tabby: THank you....

JESS: I WILL SOON I PROMISE. i just need to get time off work to do it..

Dan: thak you your such a great guy.

2003-11-22 22:18:37 ET

well thank ya :-)

2003-11-23 07:34:30 ET

I could come up ya know... but it'd have to be with James.. and I'd need an address... blah blah blah... all that stuff

2003-11-23 10:25:25 ET

YES come up and bring him i want to see him.. yes yes yes.. YAY.. i would like that very much. :O)

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