2003-12-03 19:33:28 ET

Well I am feeling much better. so i didnt have a thanks giving, I will live.. Friday i have an appointment with a therapist, a new one, a maybe i will accually know what the fuck is wrong with me. haha.
Well at least i dont have to work friday. :) yay . which means i can spend some time with my Mom and sister, and maybe even Brenna, THe sister i never get to see. i miss her so much i havnt seen her since her birthday which sucks but i will live.
At least I living. thats what i must keep thinking.

2003-12-03 19:34:25 ET

sorry about your thanksgiving and good luck with the therapist <3

2003-12-03 19:42:29 ET

hehehe.. every time i see the word therapist in type i read it The rapist.. hahahaha..

2003-12-03 19:53:52 ET

its ok, i had my thianksgivng dinner/breakfast @ hooters.
i dont think that counts.

2003-12-03 20:26:36 ET

I'll be up there later next year, so I can bug you then :)

2003-12-04 04:41:20 ET

Thanksgiving is over-rated. I personally find it a little insulting to spend a day giving credit for all of my accomplishments to someone else. I think I'll celebrate me-giving next year.

2003-12-04 05:39:46 ET

ah ha! you will be there friday? i will be there in the morning and i am going christmas shopping.. but i have to be back here by 5 cuz' i have to work.

2003-12-04 10:11:04 ET

COOL. i am coming down tonight because tomorrow morning i have an appt so yes.. YAY... I WILL GO SHOPPING WITH YOU. or at lest go eat lunch with you so something i miss you so much.. :)

Meg: that will be so cool. :)

SS: me-giving hehe ffun fun fun.

James: i am sorry. but hooters is fun.

2003-12-04 16:37:30 ET

One of my mom's friends is trying to talk me into going to therapy. HA

2003-12-04 18:11:40 ET

i dont like hooters i feel bad for the chicks, and thiunk about the shit they go through, so i dont look cuz i dont wanna seem rude like im staring.

2003-12-04 19:08:21 ET

yeha i saw the rapist today. it went pretty well. (haha)

2003-12-05 08:53:15 ET

Yep. pretty well for me too. :)
It is just good to talk to a nonbias person some times.

Rikki: yes its fun for therapy.. really.

James: me too. but they have good food.. :)

2003-12-05 10:33:59 ET

fo' shizzle.

2003-12-06 07:38:19 ET

:) yay

2003-12-13 09:22:42 ET

Nobody that's taking money from you is unbiased.

2003-12-14 21:13:20 ET

I never said they were unbiased, just good to talk to someone that hasent known you since you were born.

2003-12-19 23:55:40 ET


2003-12-20 10:19:39 ET

;) i miss you so much.
I was listening to Oi to the World and i was like damn i miss rikki.

2003-12-21 04:37:08 ET

I miss you, too. I wish you could come down here. Fo' serious. I need you.

2003-12-22 08:32:11 ET

Well i will arrange some time off of work as soon as i have enough cash and i will get a bus ticket and get my ass over there.. I need you too. so much. you are my best, and always will be you know.

2003-12-22 08:33:54 ET

:-D I love you.

2003-12-22 08:35:29 ET

I love you too..

2003-12-22 08:37:38 ET


2003-12-22 08:38:41 ET


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