2002-06-27 10:32:11 ET

ok i went appartment hunting with amanda to day... the apartments she is looking at for real... well they are fucking awsome... i want to move here.. but i told my mommy that i will stay at home for a year :'( but i will live... plus i love her... so its all good... HUM>.. i wonder if i will move here next year... that could be cool...

2002-06-27 11:43:24 ET

the appartment is fucking awesome. they have a roomate match so i don't have to go looking for one since you won't live with me. everything is furnished and it is so roomy. :)

2002-06-27 12:11:26 ET

yeah... i want to live with you ... buyt i cant it sucks but i will live

2002-06-27 12:23:56 ET

LIVE WITH USSSS! (me and Chris)

2002-06-27 12:25:01 ET

Hum... maybe.. sounds tempting...

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