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2003-12-14 21:23:01 ET

My Other roommate Sammy is moving out in a few months and the truth is I'm not upset about it. She has been blowing Amanda and I off for the past month. And she gave us the bills for this month yesterday and they are due tomorrow. WTF! It pisses me off a lot that she is being childish like that though considering she is eight years older than we are. Just because we are not neat freaks or completely tidy she is being very petty about it.
GAH! So Amanda and I are going to put an add in papers around Campus to find some one like-minded and some one who is reliable. :) It's always a good thing to be reliable.
So yes. Around February or March she will be moving out. And I am just really fine with it, strange two months ago when she was thinking about moving out I was upset, but now I don't give a fuck either way.
Oh well.
Life goes on and what not.
So yeah that's how life is. blah blah.

2003-12-15 19:34:00 ET

well yay for getting rid of bad roommates.

2003-12-16 20:24:16 ET

And i may move too. with amanda in to a nice apartment.. yes.. :)

2003-12-17 15:02:07 ET


2003-12-17 17:33:09 ET

yes yay ya

2003-12-20 00:02:27 ET


2003-12-20 10:20:17 ET

WOOT.. rikki should come live with us.

2003-12-21 04:34:45 ET

heh. Phoenix and I are estranged friends.

2003-12-22 08:33:09 ET

hehe.. yeah.

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