It's back
2003-12-22 08:30:37 ET

I am so excited, its been so long.
I am finally happy about Christmas, i have the whole christmas spirt.
and i am so happy.
and i am glad

2003-12-22 08:45:56 ET

x-mas is all about the pine green and the $$$green : D

2003-12-22 08:48:27 ET

I know. but its also about giving to people who dont have and family.
but man i am os broke.

2003-12-22 13:49:00 ET

bakinbg cookies last ngiht is when the christmas spirit took over me !

2003-12-22 16:31:22 ET


2003-12-22 16:52:42 ET

giving too, i almost forgot.

oh and btw your backround kind has a swastica pattern goin on.

2003-12-25 07:58:15 ET

Stellar: wicked.. its fun huh?

Tabby: yes yes yes wooooo

James.. hum.. i didnt realize that before.

2003-12-25 08:19:27 ET

its ok i tend to notice weird shit.

2003-12-26 08:06:29 ET

haha..well tis ok.. not a swastica pattern.. just sort of.. hum..

2003-12-26 17:34:22 ET

well ya didnt have to change it cuz of me now, its not like m0xie pm'ed and was like change it.

but its cool, i dig.

2003-12-29 10:20:06 ET

:) i like it too.. its neat.
hum.. yeah.. but i just wanted to change it. :)

2003-12-29 12:53:58 ET

2003-12-30 09:43:31 ET

hum... ? vhat did you vant to say?

2003-12-30 11:39:05 ET

haha I do not know what I was going to say but apparently it didnt want to be said !

2003-12-30 11:56:02 ET

very interesting

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