2002-06-28 09:53:17 ET

Well i went to a really cool punk show last night... it was great... the club was called the buzz... and it was not like those crapy bands who do blink and crap... it was great... i am going again in 2 weeks... not next week but hte week after...
After the punk show we went to dennys where amanda proceeded to get hit on by drunk rich scottsdale doodz... it was fun she even got this hot guys number... yay...
Ok back to the show... hum... this one band Victim 26 was full of really yummy guys... i was ingrossed in the music then i looked up it was just great... YAY

2002-06-28 09:56:57 ET

sounds like you had fun. i'm supposed to be going to this punk show tonight, but mommy's being retarded and won't let me cuz i'm going with a guy.

2002-06-28 09:59:00 ET

well go any way... cuz punk shows are great... and mommy is for ever and punk shows only once in a while but yhou will remember it for ever

2002-06-28 10:01:34 ET

perhaps i'll take your advice or nag mommy about it until she kicks me out of the house and that's also forever.

2002-06-28 10:14:30 ET

you live in scottsdale?? I was thinking about going to college up there...

2002-06-28 16:09:48 ET

crys doesn't live there. me and her are just up here visiting. (i love answering for my friends)

2002-06-28 16:13:02 ET

wonderful amanda... but schools here are nice... i used to live in scottsdale... and mesa... yes

2002-06-28 19:22:24 ET

so then where do you live now? somewhere in az still?

2002-06-29 08:47:32 ET

yes. the dunky town of sierra vista. visit. you will be bored to tears

2002-06-29 13:11:26 ET

dear lord amanda... i do know how to talk for my self you know.. hum... **squints eyes** yes sierra vista...

2002-06-29 13:52:16 ET

Where was that concert at? I mean, what city was it in...

2002-06-29 15:26:54 ET

Oh my. I have to bring you to the next show at Red's. If A Red Letter Day is there again, I gotta show you the drummer. YUMMMM.

2002-06-29 16:06:20 ET

ok YAY!..
skapunk: it was in scottsdale... it was accually a ska punk show... it rocked.. not many ska bands though!

2002-06-29 18:56:52 ET

ah.. it was just really strange because theres a coffee house here in clifton(cincinnati university area) that sometimes doubles as a club and its called the buzz...

2002-06-29 22:27:08 ET

wow... that is really cool

2002-07-01 09:31:44 ET

well have eithor of you guys ever been to yuma az?? it is horrable.. like the only thing to do is to drive to phoenix or san diego to find cool things to do.. or go to concerts and such.. or go to mexico and get drunk at the patio bars..

2002-07-01 10:12:58 ET

Same in Sierra Vista. GAH

2002-07-01 10:20:57 ET


2002-07-01 10:39:36 ET

YEP both horid places

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