2002-06-29 13:22:49 ET

Ok so i am back in sv... who missed me????? i kn0w you all did... really... i just know it.. hum... yes... i am tired... havent sleept well in 4 days so yes sleep is much needed.. YAY... saw my aunt... she is so fun... she just came back from bulgaria... it was a fun experence she said.. she brought family presents.. i got rose oil and someting from the vadican (sp) you know the thing in rome.. it is really pretty.. but i am not catholic.. well neither is she she just thought they were pretty... ok.. yes they are pretty.. she is adopting a daughter from Bulgaria.. i think her name is ramie... she is beautiful... hum.. yes that is about it... i am just waiting for my fam to come home.. cause they were gone when i got here.. so i am all by my self... **tear** oh well i will live but i am going to take a nap cause yes sleep is good!!! bye bye all i know you missed me...
Love you guys

2002-06-29 15:28:02 ET

I MISSeD YOU!!!! I'm calling you RIGHT now! I don't care if you're napping.

2002-06-29 15:59:20 ET

hehe... ok... i will stop by soon k:)

2002-06-29 18:51:17 ET

i missed you tooooo *_*!!!

2002-06-29 18:53:12 ET


2002-06-29 18:57:52 ET

*_*wowzerzzz!!! lol i sound like a loser!

2002-06-29 21:35:37 ET

I missed you majorly Crystal!! -huggles-

2002-06-29 21:53:05 ET

ack. "huggles" :-S

2002-06-29 21:55:23 ET

yes yes.. girlie girlie.. -giggles- hehehe

2002-06-29 22:20:20 ET

*bitch slap* lol bizotch, just lil ol bald me>> rrrrrrrrraahahahhahah

2002-06-29 22:25:52 ET


2002-06-29 22:28:50 ET

and me meeee??????*_*

2002-06-29 22:29:37 ET


2002-06-29 22:35:04 ET

snif snif, i feel so happy, ooops got change my pant... jk, i need some new clothes, we should go up to hot topic, i have sum money!!!

2002-06-29 22:35:56 ET


2002-06-29 22:37:31 ET

hehe... yes but how would we get to hot topic...

2002-06-29 22:38:09 ET

ello rikki!

2002-06-29 23:38:54 ET

you two are goofs. And will, bring me some fabric, and I'll make you some KICKASS clothes.
I rock like that.

2002-07-01 11:10:35 ET

kick ars, thnx rikki!!!!

2002-07-01 11:15:08 ET


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