WHAT THE *#$% and stuff
2002-06-29 22:59:39 ET

I feel my heart beating in my throat... itís beating really fast... I dont get it... maybe I am just tired... or something along those lines... I need to write more.. I have been neglecting my wondrous leather bound journal... :( I dont know what to do... I really wanted to go to MCC but instead I let my mummy and dauddy talk me in to staying home for school so I wont have to have a job... I mean I love the fact that I will be close to them... I love my family more than anything... especially myself which I think is why I would do anything for any of them... but I really wanted to move out and have independence... I have only had like one real job and I got "forced termination" or what ever ... So I am going to Pima Community College.. And moving to Tucson next month with my family... itís going to be hard to leave my sorry ass town.. But I will be also quite glad to go. I dont know why my mind has been wondering so much lately.. I am worried about the world... we are self districting creatures and we are killing ourselves...
Why canít we all just learn that the world is the way it is because we make it that way..? And why can't we just learn that if we stop killing ourselves that everything will be better...
We live in a horrible place, why must we make it worse by creating more havoc?
Well I am going to stop writing in this and write in my journal here at home..
I love you guys

2002-06-30 09:25:10 ET

You managed to sign in!

And Crys, family is great, but I do think your best option is to go to school in Phoenix. Community Colleges don't carry the sam weight, and biologists need weight resumes.

2002-06-30 13:14:05 ET

well mcc is a community college too.. hum.. that was last night i got signed in.. but you know i did not make the grades to go to a university

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