2002-06-30 13:35:39 ET

hum.. hey dudes... i am so bored..
Hum.. I am glad that i could get on.. I love conversing with you all...
HEHE.. i sound desprate... hum.. YAY... yay yay... ok by ebye

2002-06-30 13:40:46 ET

*gropes and runs*

2002-06-30 13:42:15 ET

right... hum.. heard you were a perv..

2002-06-30 13:49:38 ET


2002-06-30 13:52:17 ET

hehe.. and yet i find it amusing...

2002-06-30 13:53:18 ET

but, i'm a nice guy

2002-06-30 14:14:37 ET

yep yep

2002-06-30 16:50:11 ET

see i knew you were just messing around.. plus most doodz are perverets... :)

2002-06-30 16:52:12 ET

i nice guy who likes to grope people

2002-06-30 16:52:30 ET

p.s. crys, i give you cd's the day following today

2002-06-30 16:53:16 ET

GOOD!!! NEED MUSAX... music... YAY!!

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