2004-01-24 20:24:21 ET

Kill me now.
My car is dead,
today sucked ass.
40 minutes late for work.
headache, suff.

2004-01-24 20:41:19 ET

What happened to your car!?

2004-01-24 20:43:28 ET

blew a headgasket... yeah.

2004-01-24 21:49:15 ET

YEARGH! Damn it ... I'm feel bad for you Crys. I paid 1.3 g's when I blew out a gasket.

2004-01-24 21:53:20 ET

Oh shit. might be easier to just shell out for a different car.


2004-01-25 02:12:00 ET

:-\ that's not cool at all... my car has been acting up a lot lately... i think it's just a matter of time before things start givin' out on me... i just have my fingers crossed that it won't be anything too expensive

2004-01-25 19:15:14 ET

awww *hug*

2004-01-25 20:14:52 ET

I am getting a new car.. yep yep..
I hope you car dosnt brake Dan.. its not fun.

2004-01-25 20:22:59 ET

thank you

2004-01-26 21:26:41 ET


2004-01-27 13:34:23 ET


2004-01-27 18:49:37 ET

i love you too!

2004-01-27 19:30:03 ET

YAY.. i wish i could have you guys all in one place and have a great big bash it would be hella cool.

2004-01-27 19:35:08 ET

yes it would be.

2004-01-27 19:42:50 ET

YAY.. maybe i could have a meetup some where inbetween and have every one come, will i could if i had the money.

2004-01-27 19:48:07 ET

kool. me too.

2004-01-27 19:51:00 ET

It would would be fun.. Have every one meet in Vagas or some thing.

2004-01-27 19:56:46 ET

that would rock.

2004-01-27 19:58:19 ET

yeah it would. hum.. time to have fundraisers.

2004-01-29 05:40:51 ET

it would take a lot of money... i figure... 'vega's'... gambling... uhm... sounds like some of us wouldn't be goin' back home hahaha...
be on the street corner holding a sign... 'will work for plane ticket' haha :-)

2004-01-30 10:48:41 ET

haha.. yeah.. but it would be so fun..

2004-01-31 10:50:56 ET

we should go to like great america.

2004-02-01 08:19:17 ET

Hum.. YES>. fun fun fun fun.. wowowowowowowowoiihohasdofj

2004-02-01 08:28:18 ET


2004-02-02 09:32:05 ET


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