2002-07-01 10:45:17 ET

YAY!!! i am going to the warped tour... YAY.. i am leaving to day.. cause it starts at 11 in the morning tomorrow.. and we are gunna say the night in pheonix... :) YAY... i am just uber excited cause i love doing fun stuff.. My Older sis is comming.. YAY... it will be cool... I mean we are only 1 year one month and 2 days apart.. :P no i do not know the minutes hours ext.... YAY... i am so excited my legs are shaking.. :) yay.. cause its so rare for me to be able to do uber fun stuff like that./... Yay

2002-07-01 11:02:06 ET

you fucker....*growl*......guess what guess what, I got a contest going on at my page so go and check it out....and spread the word...please........*grins*

2002-07-01 11:17:07 ET

I still don't know if i cango. My mom keeps spacing the money issue. :-( I WANT TO!

2002-07-01 12:51:12 ET


2002-07-01 21:44:45 ET

again with the ahness

2002-07-02 19:07:54 ET

:( i wanted to go to that :( oh well maybe next year i guess

2002-07-02 21:00:09 ET

well I AM with you alll... READ MY NEW ENTRY

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