Here's the thing
2004-02-03 09:41:10 ET

I am not doing well these days. I wish I could say different, but the truth is when pills start to look good not counting the normal amount for pain, it's not a good thing not at all.
I am just all weepy, and I know that its because I feel that I have a lot on my plate right now but it can only get better, and I have to think of that, must think that way or I wont be useful at all. My mom says that God wont give you more than you can handle, well why does God think I am so strong that I can deal with so much shit in this life. I have to start thinking that I can do this, or I wont make it, I will wind up in a hospital some where talking about the good old days with some 40 year old schizophrenic named Barbie. I don't know what to do, just keep going I guess. That is what I have to do to make it.
Keep the hope alive. Then maybe I can make it through the days.

2004-02-03 09:48:10 ET

there are days when i think that God has given my wayyy more than i can handle... but then when the smoke clears and you can look back... you relaise how much of a strong person you are for getting thru whatever you had to go thru. and that is more satifying that anything.


2004-02-03 09:50:09 ET

Thank you sweetie. And I think your right. It will be alright as long as I stay strong. but it is hard.
Love ya sweeite.

2004-02-03 11:01:07 ET

Aww I hope things get better soon. I know what it feels like, but at least I can reashure you and say when it's all over with, and things are worked out, which they WILL be, then it feels so good and you know you EARNED your happiness. Just don't give up sweetheart.

2004-02-03 14:23:10 ET

I hope hope hope things look up for you.
You know I'm always here for ya, right Crys?

2004-02-03 21:54:28 ET

Crystine: thank you so much. It makes me feel so much better knowing that every one is here for me really. I love you muchies.
Angel: thank you too, and yes i know and i will be talking to you soon i miss talking to every one. working all the time sucks.

2004-02-03 22:10:35 ET

:( *hug*

2004-02-04 20:36:42 ET

Thank you so much tabby.. :) love you sweetie..

2004-02-04 20:38:52 ET

luv you too

2004-02-04 20:43:20 ET


2004-02-04 20:45:12 ET


2004-02-06 04:22:36 ET

well :) i am going to try to make a kissy one.. k..
hum.. err.. :P not working hum.

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