2004-02-14 04:30:50 ET


Tis weird i am not bitter really. WOOT. i am accually in a good mood. wooo..

2004-02-14 05:01:07 ET

R U sick? Well i am sick, and u have a happy Valentine's Day! The least I can do is make somebody else feel worth a part of a 12 billion dollar buget if I can't

2004-02-14 05:04:28 ET

Thanks and Happy Valentines Day to you too

2004-02-14 05:21:13 ET

make your valentine's day a special one <3

2004-02-14 05:24:11 ET

much love :-) i'm still shocked we haven't ever got the site running :'(
happy valentines day @-->-- 'a rose for me lady'*really thick accent*

2004-02-14 05:48:52 ET

Happy Valentine's! Great to hear that you are in a good mood!

2004-02-14 09:16:09 ET

happy V-D to you again!

2004-02-14 09:46:21 ET

Wow.. I am shocked that i got so many people to comment.. WOOO HOO.. ok..

DId any oney notice what my picture says though.. haha..
but its a good day so far.. And i clean and in about 20 min i am off to catch the bus.. bah to andy not finishing my car yet even though he told my dad he did. GAH..

2004-02-14 16:27:59 ET

good mood is always good. happy v-day to you too.

2004-02-14 20:24:55 ET

:) woohoo.. ;)

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